About me

Welcome, I am a first year architecture student and in this page you will find information about my first architectural knowledge, as well as some class practices and my own reflections.

I consider myself a curious and observant person so I like to investigate, specifically, the world of art. Art has many facets and ramifications but all of them could be simplified in the creation of something that expresses some kind of emotion to the receiver.
That is why I consider that architecture is art and should be admired as such. However, I have a special admiration and intrigue for this field because it combines two complex worlds: that of design and that of science.

It is true that architecture is a set of creative works but it needs the technical part to be carried out and that is why I am also very interested and intrigued by the way in which buildings are constructed.

Also, in my free time I like to express myself by drawing even though this may not be my greatest talent but it helps me a lot both to relax and to have fun. Another activity that I like to carry out is to photograph that art and go beyond, observing the lights, colors, angles and perspectives that can be expressed in an image that after all are the reflection of reality.

That’s why I decided to study this career and that’s why the content of this blog will be based on the study and admiration of this field.