U5. Architecture as Technique

We can see architecture like a way of exploring differents forms of creation. Here we can see some of them, what we will call: technique

Prefabrication: the last years this way of construction has grew a lot. It consists of constructing the structure in a shed to take her later to the plot where the building goes. It can be entire prefabricated in the shed or only the structure so after they continue the construction in a simply way and with less work.

Stability and instability: is related with design and consists about the construction of extreme acantilevers so they look modern and advanced. The structure starts below the ground level so the big acantilevers can counteract making the building secure. The aim of doing this is to achieve different and impressive designs

Structure dissolution: another technique related with design is the integration of the necessary installations (like hidraulic, climatic or energy networks) in a simply and modern way. This is a form of making architecture evolves. The aim is change the ugly but necessary installations into a new concept of design.