PA6.Architecture and Art

For this practice I’ve chose the song Secrets composed by The Weeknd. Its launch was in 2016 for the album Starboy. It’s considered HipHop-Rap.

I wanted to analyze this videoclip because of the harmony it transmits. The video and the spaces showed all over the song create a great balance with the chosen architecture and the rhythm. Every place has been strategically chosen in function to the verse that is being played.

We can observe two architectural styles: a classic one and an industrial one. In some cases, we see that the singer is in an open space where the designs are more complex and detailed, and also where the colors used give light to the scene. On the other hand, we have constructions of concrete without design and expressing a darker aura than before. Light colors are used at times where calm feelings are expressed, in contrast with that the dark colors are used to express bad or anxious feelings. But there’s a special color frecuently used: the red. This color adds a dramatic and strident touch to the environment and therefore to the atmosphere of feelings produced.

Beside this there are geometrical shapes like circles that create an essential part of the visual aim of the video. They are represented mainly by elevators and stairs that reveal a difference between the characters appearing in this scene and its status. The open spaces are visually used to generate a visual abyss in accordance with the sound that is present at the same moment. All these elements together create an audio-visually perfect harmony.