U1. What is architecture?

Architecture is a field where artists can build their creativity transforming it into many different types of spaces. Is a way of expressing art in a place to live, work or simply to expose it. Here can be envolved lots of shapes, colors and textures to make the creations unique and characteristic.

This art has been existed always because of the need of the human to having a place to be and live. At first the architecture was so simple with no complications but whit the years, they improved the way of build and the designs used. We can see the evolution of architecture in history in all the monuments created at different history ages and cultures.

As we can see, improvement is part of the arquithectonic process and the way of construction and design has been developed with the years. Technology has advanced a lot and now it’s used in homes to make easier the life of the owners.

It’s also an interdisciplinary field where the projects can be made to many type of things. The task of the architect can be related with music like auditoriums or festivals, related with art in museums or expositions and even also with other design fields like products or fashion. Architecture also involves economy and legislations because of all the conditions related with the development of a building project. And all of this is always sorrounded by construction because without it, no project would end up taking shape.

Sometimes it´s just a service where the arquithect has to complain the client making the project according with their necessities and pleasures. Part of the profession is knowing how to listen to adapt the needs with the real and final construction.

Lanscape and urbanism are another important parts where the needs of complanation are involved with the enviroment and how would look different projects of architecture according with the place of building.