U2. Who is the architect?

The definition says that an architect is the person who design buildings and sometimes who supervise their construction, but the profession of the architect involve many things

Everything starts with a project, the architect starts studying the soil to see if the construction is able and that’s something that a professional of this field has to know. Nevertheless it’s necessary for them be familiar with group work because this task is also responsability of technical architects and civil engineers.

The main task of the architect is the building design and here is where some architects are called artists based on the quantity of designed spaces they’ve made and all their awesome creations.

But in addition to all the «physical» work they do, we can see involved a serie of characteristics or personality traits that architects develop by working as it. The listening skills are the most important because they usually work on projects on demand and they need to be empath with the necessities of the clients.

Another factor in different architecture projects is the knowledge about society because in public projects they need to know how would people act or feel when they step on their buildings conditioned by what are they for.

And another highlighted trait is the communicative ability because the relationship architect-client is very close during all the project to know perfectly what they’re asking for or solve the unexpected problems according to the pleasures of the client.

In short, the architect isn’t only the person who designs a building because many processes are involved into it.