PA2. Opinions



Architect born in Barcelona, Spain, the 23 of June of 1954. Titled in 1979 in the architecture school of Barcelona too. After graduating she created a studio with Enric Miralles, another architect with whom did she achieved international recognition. She designed from the beginning from urban renovations to furniture design. She has been awarded with different prizes by its contribution to culture and defense of civic values, appearence of womens in architecture or simple recognitions for their work.

Beside this she has been working as teacher in universities of many countries like Paris, Venezia or Massachusetts. She has also participated in creations exposed in international museums in Mexico, New York…Its projects played in different fields like culture, education, urbanism, offices, design…

Here I show my personal favourite projects of this architect:

Rear facade of Mercado de Boqueria, BARCELONA
Hotel San Brull, MALLORCA
Office towers Cube II, MEXICO


I think that with this quote the architect wants to express that architecture involves many things. In my opinion she wants to show that isn’t only beauty or design (an important part too) but rather that there is a starting idea that suffers a process involving construction, materials, urbanism…but the most important: society. Architecture involves lifes of people and their behaviors, the space where they live or be influence a lot in their lifes and even in their interpersonal relationships.


Reflections from the text

This text explains in a beautiful way an architect’s journey. Divides into blocks the different tasks that an architect is in charge of. He talks about the main task of an architect and how their professional life evolves. In my opinion it’s a good guide for someone that wants to study this degree and also the author encourages you to do so. He gives good tips before starting your studies but you can apply them once you’ve started. He knows how so he show you how you should study and the effort and constance you must have. Alberto tell us that the key of this profession is training hard and well.

It’s helpful because he also show what can you do when you finish the studies and where you can work to get experience and meet important contacts . The experience has taught him that is an evolutive and mature profession that needs you to be awake in lots of ambits and where you never stop learning. Therefore, another way to work as an architect is teaching of it, that’s one of the ways where you learn more (not technical stuff but other ways that pupils have to analyse and see things makes you reflect)